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Dance Classes for Everyone

Is there a right way to get started with dancing? What should a beginner like me do to start learning to dance?

Learning how to dance with Denver Dance Authority is the best way to master the art of soulful movement. We offer private dance classes that are entirely focused on you. Our professional instructors will ask you what you intend to achieve from this training. He/she will use the information you provide to put up a training plan that will be most appropriate for your needs.
We all want to be understood, and dance is the best way to convey that emotion. At Denver Dance Authority, we will help you express your emotions through dancing.
Schedule a Free session with one of our instructors, who will help you decide what fits you best! You are just one step away from expressing yourself through dance in a way you can’t do with words.

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FREE 1 Hour Session!

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Incredible Dance Experiences

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For Kids & Adults

From beginners to competitive, from singles to couples, and from individual to group classes, DDA has it all. 

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Core Dance Fundamentals

Class offerings rooted in teaching the basic tenets of dance that apply to any style. Armed with these core competencies students can choose from a wide range of dance styles and techniques to focus on.

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Focused on Fun

Gain confidence, meet new friends and express yourself through Dance. 

Become part of the DDA community

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Incredible Instructors

Each of our instructors are professionals within the industry, currently working. We see the value in hiring instructors who are committed to continuing their own dance education, despite their age or experiences.

We want to see you succeed, and believe that every student has the potential to reach their specific goal in both individual & group classes.

At Denver Dance Authority, you will learn to dance in a FUN and POSITIVE environment.

Our phone lines are open for you to reach us between 9-5 everyday or fill out the form and we'll get back to you. Contact us now to register you or your  child at the Denver Dance Authority.

61 West Flatiron Crossing Dr, suite #348 Broomfield, CO 80021

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