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Adult Workshops

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Adult Ballet

If you ever wanted to be a ballerina, your journey starts right now! It's never too late to start ballet, and every body can benefit from the body awareness, stretching, strengthening, balance, and mind-quieting that comes from learning ballet. Our classes focus on giving you proper technique and individualized corrections so that you can dance safely and efficiently. Our instructors meet you where you are at -- honoring your past training, your age and health, your injuries, and your goals -- and will help you get wherever you want to go!

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Adult Tap

There's nothing quite as satisfying as making sounds with your feet! Come discover the joy of tap dance for the first time, or further your training at Denver Dance Authority. Our instructor has a nerdy obsession with tap and can't wait to help you discover the rhythm and coordination inside of you. Tap is great for balance and coordination, memory and brain health, and body strengthening and toning. We focus on both Rhythm Tap and Broadway Tap, with an emphasis on correct technique so you can progress as far as you want to go!

Your Bucket List of Classes

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Adult Lyrical

Come find your flow with lyrical dance. Graceful like ballet, expressive like contemporary dance, and physically challenging like yoga, lyrical is the perfect dance form to unlock the movement potential in your body. 

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Social Dancing

Denver Dance Authority offers various styles of social dancing throughout the year. Come connect with other people and experience the joy of teamwork. No prior skills required, just come ready to learn! From swing to salsa, check out our schedule to see what workshops are currently being offered. 

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