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Competition Teams

Athletic. Engaging. Inspiring.

Competitive dancers are resilient and capable. They build endurance, character, and lifelong skills through their pursuit of excellence. 

Each of our teams competes regionally and nationally in addition to participating in studio and community outreach events. 


Receive support not only from your instructors, but from your peers as well! Minis and Juniors are paired with a big sister from our Senior Company. Big Sisters provide support and advice as our youngest members enter the world of competitive dance.


Join a group of like-minded dancers who are similarly dedicated to their art. Find support from your peers, instructors, and the broader dance community through team-building activities, competitions, conventions, and outreach events.


Gain access to pre-professional courses taught by passionate and knowledgable instructors. Prepare for performance experiences beyond the competitive realm, and get help learning more about professional programs. 

Senior Company

Our Senior Elite Team members are advanced dancers ages 12 to18 who train 10 or more hours a week. Senior team members compete at three regional competitions as well as national finals. In addition to their group dances, each senior member is given a solo that they will compete for a season, with choreography tailored to their unique personal style. Seniors are activly engaged in the studio as role models, practicng their mentoring skills as assistant teachers and "big sisters."  At DDA we believe that camaraderie and interpersonal relationships is a key component of the team's success. We facilitate several events each quarter to encourage team bonding. 


Junior Elite Competition Team

Junior Comepetion Team members are intermediate level dancers ages 9 to13 training 5 or more hours per week. Juniors compete at three or more competitions per year and are also invited to participate at national finals. Each junior team member is given solo choreography that they compete for a competion season. Juniors develop their technique and performance skills at an accelerated speed with competition being a motivating objective. At DDA we encourage team bonding through experiences like the Sisters mentorship program as well as parties, team dinners, and holiday events. Juniors develop a sense of partnership and sportsmanship, yielding skills that are transferable to their continued dance education and life long success


Mini Competition Team

DDA is excited to announce the launch of our first ever Mini Team! Congratulations to the wonderful dancers selected as Mini Founders. Mini Team members are 6 to 9 years old, and they train 4 hours or more per week. Mini Team members showcase their group dances at competition, and are invited to showcase solos, duos, or trios in up to three competitions and national finals. Minis and their families are paired with a member of the Junior or Senior teams to facilitate community and introduce them to the competitive world.


Big Sisters Mentorship Program

Our dancers learn from our instructors, yes. But they also learn from each other. Younger team members are paired with Senior team members, who provide advice, support, and encouragement as their Little Sisters enter the competitive scene. Each season starts with an exciting Sister Reveal as new team members are paired with their Sister. 

To learn more about our programs or inquire about joining a competitive team, contact us today! 

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