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Dance Mix

This energetic class encompasses a range of dance games that are sure to keep the students moving. Class begins with a beginner’s warm-up and navigates its way through fun, and explorative dance exercises.

Ballet/Tumbling Fusion  

Unlike other Tot’s classes, these are split up in two parts. We warm our students up and spend the first half of the class learning basic ballet. The second half of the class is dedicated to learning how to tumble using our continuous air-flow tumble track.



 Our acro curriculum focuses on acro techniques utilized specifically within dance. The students will be learning techniques behind acrobatics, and working each week to master and perform the tricks. Dress code: tight fitting leotard or athletic wear optimal for going upside down. No loose fitting clothing. No shoes required. Hair must be in tight pony or bun.


In ballet, we take our students back to the foundation. Class follows the timeline of a traditional ballet class. We start with a full barre warm-up that later continues into center work throughout the rest of class. Dress code: Dancers MUST be in ballet attire to attend this class: pink ballet shoes, tights, leotard. Skirt or booty shorts optional. Hair must be in a tight bun.


This class is for students who wish to learn how to choreograph dance. We spend the season learning choreography terms, techniques, characteristics, and of course the rhetoric behind it all. Each class the students are given a small choreography assignment that we show each other in class the following week. By the end of the season, the students will have choreographed their first concert dance piece.

Class begins with a full body warm-up, incorporating light improv, and subtle movement. The movement then shifts to across the floor passes, and later we learn repertoire to manipulate together. 

Dress code: Express yourself in your fitness and dance wear. No shoes required. Hair must be pulled back out of face. 


In this class, we become one with the ground. Throughout the full hour, the students explore concepts like traveling, weight-shifting and smooth transitions, all performed safely by utilizing the floor.  

Hip-Hop Foundations

You can always expect a high-energy class when it comes to Hip-Hop at DDA. Class begins with a full body warm up, really highlighting isolations and their importance within the style. The class then morphs into learning specific styles of hip-hop and their foundations as well as their history.


No answers are wrong answers in this class. In Improv, we ask our students to commit emotionally as well as physically. We explore structured improvisation and how it can manipulate movement.

Each jazz class begins with about an hour long warm-up and stretch. The class then continues into traditional jazz styles through across the floor movement, and repertoire.


This class is for students who wish to learn the tradition and art of tap dance. Dress code: express yourself in your fitness or dance wear. Tap shoes required. Hair must be pulled back in pony or bun.


Femme Funk
Join us for a night of feeling ourselves fun! In this class, you can expect to learn funk jazz and contemporary hip-hop fundamentals, while also getting down to today’s hottest music. Be sure to bring a pair of kicks that you can groove in!
Cardio Hip-Hop
This class is designed to make you work without the stress that comes along with working out. You’ll be learning different styles of hip-hop each week within the parameters of a cardio based workout class. The best part is, you’ll be having so much fun it won’t even feel like a workout.
African Dance
This class is open to ALL ages. In fact, the more community involved, the better the class. A traditional live African drummer accompanies every class so we’re moving to authentic tunes.

Swing Dance Bootcamp

Over six weeks you'll learn the basics of East Coast Swing. This class is perfect for beginners or people who have a few steps but want to build a strong skill set. You'll leave with new moves, and a new understanding of the principles of leading, following, and having a great time dancing socially.