Tots' Classes



This energetic class encompasses a range of dance games that are sure to keep the students moving. Class begins with a beginner’s warm-up and navigates its way through fun, and explorative dance exercises.


Unlike other Tots' classes, these are split up in two parts. We warm our students up and spend the first half of the class learning basic ballet. The second half of the class is dedicated to learning how to tumble using our continuous air-flow tumble track.

Child - Teen Classes

MINI MOVERS ages 3-6

This class is a spirited, fun and nurturing way to introduce your young child to dance. Students learn to move to music in creative ways. While dazzled by the magic of our themed, unique classes they will be learning self- discipline and the fundamentals of dance that will carry them into the next steps of their dance training. Dress code: Dance or fitness wear, no shoes required


In ballet, we take our students back to the foundation. Class follows the timeline of a traditional ballet class. We start with a full barre warmup and later continue into center work throughout the rest of class. Dress code: Dancers MUST be in ballet attire to attend this class: pink ballet shoes, tights, skirt or shorts optional. Hair must be in a neat bun.


This class is for students who with to learn the tradition and art of tap dance. Class begins with fundamentals and progresses into high energy combinations and across the floor passes. Dress code: fitness or dance wear. Non- split sole black tap shoes. Please inquire for specific teacher recommendations.

 JR HIP HOP ages 6 and under
Learn the fundamentals of Dance with a fun, fresh hip hop twist. Class begins with a teacher led warm up.  Students do across the floor passes, learn new ticks and a new combination of moves they will want to repeat at home for the rest of the week. Dress code: express yourself in fun fitness and dance wear. No shoes required


This high energy and fun class takes students to a new level of fitness while learning the hottest new dance moves. A full body, teacher-led warm up is followed by a combination that is always Instagram worthy.


 No answers are wrong in this class. In improv, we ask our students to commit emotionally as well as physically. We explore structured improvisation and how we can manipulate movement. Dress code: Fitness or dance wear. No shoes required.


Class begins with a full body warm-up, incorporating light improv, and subtle movement. The movement then shifts to across the floor passes, and later we learn repertoire to manipulate together. Dress code: Express yourself in fitness or dance wear. No shoes required. Hair must be pulled out of face.


Jazz is essential to any dancer’s training. Basic fundamentals to advanced technique is taught in a traditionally structured class. Expect to turn, leap and quickly learn and perform combinations. Dress code: dance wear, jazz or half sole shoes for turning

ACRO 1 ages 7+

Dance tricks and acrobatics are taught in a safe and fun environment. Students are coached on an inflatable tumble track and then progress to flat mats. Students can expect to learn walkovers, handsprings, flips and much more within the first year. Dress code: Tight fitting athletic clothing. Prepare to be upside down, and have teacher hands-on spotting. Hair must be out of face. No jewelry, shoes or socks allowed

ACRO 2 ages 10+

Competitive dancers as well as parkour and martial art athletes learn to flip, twist, fly and fall on a 33 foot inflatable tumble track. Tricks are taught and spot by expert instructors. Students can expect to be challenged in this physically demanding class. A cardio and strength workout prepares the body for a lesson in drills for new tricks. Then, students execute tumbling passes with individualized coaching. Expect to learn handsprings, tuck flips, aerials, layouts, specialized tumbling falls, and much more! Dress code: Tight fitting athletic clothing. Prepare to be upside down, and have teacher hands- on spotting. Hair must be out of face. No jewelry, shoes or socks allowed

Adult Classes


Looking for adult tap dance class in Denver? Learn rhythm tap dancing in a friendly, supportive environment! Well we are back in the studio ready for adults who need to "tap out"of adulting for a moment to make some noise! Open to all levels BEGINNERS welcome and encouraged.If you have never tapped or are getting back into it, here’s where to start! Learn and practice the basics of tap vocabulary like shuffles, flaps, digs, timesteps in simple rhythm combinations, and “across the floor” traveling steps.


NO saying you can’t dance. Miss Marissa says the word can't is not allowed. She will break down the hottest dance moves while teaching the fundamentals of hip hop. Beginner to advanced dancers will find this to be a satisfying workout and huge confidence booster. Expect to learn a new combination every week, great for drop in class no commitment necessary. No dress code. Fitness wear may be helpful, shoes optional


Learn the fundamentals of swing dance in a social and fun environment. Couples and singles meet every week to learn how to swing the correct way with our expert instructor.  Mr. Jesse breaks down swing dance and educates our students to feel confident on the dance floor for any occasion. No Dress code


Before you try to shake it to the sweet Latin sounds, learn the real moves of sexy salsa dancing with Mr. Jesse. If you are interested in startling your family, friends or partner with hot dance moves this class is for you. Singles and couples welcome. Note: This is a Salsa LA style class (on 1)



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